Vendor Request Form

Set up times are Friday noon to 7 PM, and Saturday morning from 7 AM to 9AM.
Show hours Sat. 9 AM to 5 PM, Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM.

All reservations held for two weeks. If a deposit is not made within the two week period I will release the tables to someone else. If you wish to have your same tables make a deposit no later than noon of the shows your attending. Cancellations accepted by phone only! No-shows owe the full price of tables which cannot be resold and must pay in full for any future reservations two weeks before all shows.

FILL OUT, PRINT & MAIL Arts and Craft Vendor Application

Please click here to fill our form to be a Gun Vendor

1. All guns must be tied, even personal guns. If you do not secure your guns, you shall be told to leave. I will not give you a refund if I have to remove you from the show.

2. No alcoholic beverages allowed in the show.

3. Someone must be present at your tables during show hours. If you leave before the show closes, you will not be invited back.

4. Tables not claimed by 9am Saturday revert back to me and shall be sold to someone else.

5. Electricity is available at all my shows, but you will need to bring an extension cord. Please do not use tape on the floor unless absolutely necessary. I prefer to use rugs when they are available from the building. I will let you know at the show which to use.

6. No objectionable material allowed, such as porn, racist material, inflammatory material, political campaigning, etc.

7. All vendors must comply with all federal, state and local laws.

8. The taking of photos and making videos is prohibited.

9. No food items may be sold without prior approval.